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ANOM-Special Purpose Machines

Anom Technology specializes in the design and manufacture of special-purpose food machines tailored to meet the unique needs of the food processing industry. Our machines are meticulously engineered to streamline various food processing tasks, including slicing, dicing, mixing, and packaging, among others.
  • All Types Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine
  • Peda - Machine - A 250
  • Peda Making Machine
  • Food Packaging Machine
Sweet Name=Peda
Capacity=2800-3100 pcs per hour
Voltage=220 V
Machine Body= Material SS
Automation Grade = Automatic
Peda Polish Machine / Peda Polish Machine used for mixing the mawa and are widely demanded in various sweet shops or caterers for preparing sweets and desserts. Offered in fine polish and finish, these can be bought in customized solutions as per client’s requirements. It works on principle of stirring. Two wooden agitator arm continuously turn, twist and shake material in all mild steel or stainless steel kadhai. It can be used as a mixing machine to mix materials, slurry, liquids etc.

Our Peda Polish Machine has Capacity of 8 to10 kg / batch.
Fills liquids, semi-liquids and liquids with particulates
Available format: 2 & 4 heads
Fill speeds: typically up to 30bpm.
Fill accuracy: +/- 0.5% Food and pharmaceutical quality stainless steel
contact parts 316 stainless steel metal contact parts Quick release air connection to pneumatic filter regulator unit
Filing Type – Cup Filler
Usage/Application- Powder
Packaging Type- Bags
Capacity- 2000-3000 pouch per hour
Automation Grade- Automatic Pouch Capacity- 200-400 grams
Machine Type- Fully Automatic
Pouch Length- 10 – 12 inches Machine Power- 2-3 HP